50-Min Workout Library (300+ Videos)

50-Min Workout Library (300+ Videos)

46 Seasons

Studio LB - The Program Library.

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50-Min Workout Library (300+ Videos)
  • 2/3/20 Turn Up (Cardio + Sculpt)

    Episode 1

    CCS: Cardio + Sculpt
    Equipment: light to medium weights and a mat
    Turn Up is a fun, sweat in your eyes Cardio + Sculpt with a two-part breakdown and a light to medium weight sculpting session.
    Activewear By: Adam Selman, KORAL & Adidas

  • 2/3/20 Firestarter (Sculpt)

    Episode 2

    CCS: Sculpt
    Equipment: A variety of weights and a mat
    Standing Sculpt moves to grounded sculpt. Firestarter moves from standing to grounded and your abs are going to feel this one!
    Activewear By: PE Nation & KORAL

  • 2/10/20 Mamacita (Cardio + Sculpt)

    Episode 3

    CCS: Cardio + Sculpt
    Equipment: Medium to Heavy weights for the sculpting portion and a mat
    Mamacita has a Latin feel with CCS influenced by J. Lo, Shakira and the Champeta Super Bowl performance.
    Featured Music By: Shakira, DJ Snake, Camilo, Bazzi, Post Malone, ROSALIA
    Activewear By: By LB,...

  • 2/10/20 2006 (Sculpt)

    Episode 4

    CCS: Sculpting (Weighted Core Sculpt)
    Equipment: Light weights, heavy weights and a mat
    2006 is a 44-min grounded and standing totally weighted core basics workout. You can expect grounded weighted abs, glute and triceps work, fold-over work that moves into a plank series and a heavy weighted st...

  • 2/17/20 Dos (Sculpt)

    Episode 5

    CCS: Sculpting
    Equipment: One heavy weight and something lighter for back up
    Dos is a standing sculpt with extra reps that We kick off with standing abs with a break down and move to total-body sculpting with one heavy weight.
    Featured Music By: Koshii, WIll Sparks, DJ Snake, ROSALIA, Doja Cat

  • 2/17/20 Muah (Cardio + Sculpt)

    Episode 6

    CCS: Cardio + Sculpt
    Equipment: Light and medium resistance loop and a mat
    Muah is a 47-min super fun cardio and sculpt that begins with classic CCS Cardio, moves onto a brief breakdown with extra reps and into grounded abs on the mat with your loops!
    Featured Music By: Mija, Justin Bieber, Ro...

  • 2/24/20 Snatched (Sculpt)

    Episode 7

    CCS: Sculpting
    Equipment: One heavy weight and a mat
    Snatched is a 48-min standing abs workout that is both effective and efficient with a great flow. Expect to feel this everywhere from waist to back and booty. Watch your back when you go from fold-over to standing/wide second.
    Featured Music...

  • 2/24/20 Poppin (Cardio + Sculpt)

    Episode 8

    CCS: Cardio + Sculpt
    Equipment: Light and medium weights and a mat
    Poppin is hot and bound to get your heart rate up! The 48-min cardio + sculpt begins with classic cardio with an extended, double breakdown and moves into a light weight sculpting series that really challenges core balance.