Watch this video and more on Studio LB with Lauren Boggi

Watch this video and more on Studio LB with Lauren Boggi

3/23/20 Studio LB LAX (Sculpt)


Up Next in March 2020

  • 3/23/20 Studio LB Panic At The Disco ...

    CCS: Cardio + Sculpt
    Equipment: One heavy (or medium) weight and a mat
    Panic At The Disco is a 52-min. single heavy weight Cardio + Sculpt workout with basic moves and a brief, five-move cardio breakdown and a great weighted sculpting series that’s perfect for all levels.
    Featured Music By: Cook...

  • 3/30/20 In The House (Sculpt)

    CCS: Sculpt
    Equipment: Just a mat! Challenge with wrist weights.
    In The House really gets into the core with a little bit of everything you need. You’re going to feel this working on every angle of the abs and I know you’ll love the flow. It feels good and it makes you feel sexy.
    Featured Musi...

  • Maximalist (Cardio + Sculpt)

    CCS: Sculpt
    Equipment: No equipment
    Maximalist is a 45-min. no equipment cardio workout with basic moves and no breakdown that’s great for all levels. Wear ankle weights to challenge.
    Featured Music By: Louis the Child, Kascade, Elderbrook, Michelle Kash, Rihanna, ROSALIA
    Activewear By: KORAL, B...