6/1/20 Quick Burn Program

6/1/20 Quick Burn Program

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6/1/20 Quick Burn Program
  • Quick Burn: 21-min Smudge (Standing Core)

    CCS: Sculpt (Standing Core)
    Equipment: No equipment
    Smudge is a no equipment Standing Core workout that is a great no-impact cardio option with a great flow. Take it up a notch by adding ankle weights!
    Featured Music By: Kota the Friend, SG Lewis, Moon Boots, Surfaces
    Activewear By: Sukishufu...

  • Quick Burn: 26-min Straight Up (Cardio + Sculpt)

    CCS: Cardio + Sculpt
    Equipment: Medium to heavy weights and a mat
    This is a 26-min Cardio + Sculpt QB that is Straight Up sweaty, effective and fun. Lift heavy for best results.
    Featured Music By: Fatboy Slim, Fubu, K CAMP, Jack Harlow
    Activewear By: FitMama Couture, Reebok and Koral

  • Quick Burn: 20-min Angel (Total-Body Sculpt)

    CCS: Sculpt
    Equipment: Light - medium weights
    Angel is a 20-min weighted standing core basics: lunges and curtseys paired with upper body work (biceps, upright row, triceps, hug the moon), a wide second along with a shoulder series with heel digs. Lift heavy for major burn and cardio output.