6/3/19 Quick Burn Program

6/3/19 Quick Burn Program

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6/3/19 Quick Burn Program
  • LB TV 6/3/19 June Program

    This week we're talking about the June Program!

  • Quick Burn: 7-min Mini

    This is a no equipment Quick Burn that really packs a punch to the lateral muscles of the lower body and the inner thighs.

  • Quick Burn: 24-min Major (Standing Abs)

    CCS: Standing Abs
    Equipment: No equipment. Challenge with ankle weights.
    Major is a 24 min. Standing Abs QB that really hones in on the obliques, muffin top, glutes and inner thighs. All the work in wide second integrates the large muscle groups of the lower body to burn fat.


  • 6/3/19 Iconic (Sculpt)

    CCS: Grounded + Standing Sculpting
    Equipment: Mat, light and med/heavy weights

    We're kicking off June with our weighted Core Sculpt. Iconic begins on the mat with grounded abs, pushups and fold-over then moves to standing sculpt.

    Music Featured by: Janet Jackson, Sean Paul, Mar...