December 2018 Quick Burn Program

December 2018 Quick Burn Program

4 Seasons

The complete December 2018 Quick Burn Program. Revisit your favorite workouts or repeat the monthly program starting from week 1.

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December 2018 Quick Burn Program
  • Quick Burn: 30-min Classic Cardio-Sculpt

    Episode 1

    CCS: Cardio + Sculpting
    Equipment: Light weights

  • Quick Burn: 24-min Flow

    Episode 2

    CCS: Standing Core Sculpting
    Equipment: No equipment, just a mat

    This workout includes our standing sculpting flow sequence which opens up the hips, stretches the hamstrings and strengthens the core, hips, and back.

  • Quick Burn: 16-min Grounded Cardio

    Episode 3

    CCS: Grounded Core Sculpting

    Equipment: Light to medium weights. Can be modified with no equipment. This workout includes a side plank rotation into a hip lift, side-lying and grounded abs and works it ALL - Specifically, the shoulders, core, glutes and back.

  • Quick Burn: 24-min Triple Threat

    Episode 4

    CCS: Sculpting
    Equipment: Loops

  • Quick Burn: 19-min Lower Body Blast

    Episode 5

    CCS: Sculpting
    Equipment: None

  • Quick Burn: 13-min Arms

    Episode 6

    CCS: Arms
    Equipment: Light to medium heavy weights.