July 2019 The Program

July 2019 The Program

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July 2019 Program.

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July 2019 The Program
  • 7/22/19 Kayce (Sculpt)

    Episode 1

    CCS: Sculpt (Standing)
    Equipment: A mat and Light and Medium / Heavy weights or nothing at all.

    Kayce is killer total-body sculpt session that will leave you sweaty and balanced. Speaking of balance, you'll feel challenged!

    Featured Music By: Michael Jackson, Prince, Drake, Justin Biebe...

  • 7/22/19 Bomb (Cardio + Sculpt)

    Episode 2

    CCS: Cardio + Sculpt
    Equipment: medium/heavy weights and a mat

    Bomb is a 50-min. total-body, heavy weight cardio + sculpt that is super fun and sweaty. The cardio has two breakdowns that progress to pushups and total-body weighted sculpt.
    Featured Music By: Bonobo, MK, Will Sparks, Vampir...

  • 7/22/19 Honey (Loop Sculpt)

    Episode 3

    CCS: Sculpt (Standing Loop Core)
    Equipment: All Loops

    Honey is a 23-min. balanced, loop QB that really targets the abs, glutes and upper body with flexion, extension and rotation.

    Featured Music By: Tase Sultana, MOSSS, Rhye, Khalid, Cautious Clay, Rita Ora
    Sore Spots: Hips, ...