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Quick Burn: 20-min Grounded Core Sculpt

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Quick Burn: 24-min Triple Threat

Loops • 24m

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  • Quick Burn: 20-min Grounded Core Sculpt

    CCS: Grounded Core Sculpting
    Equipment: Medium to heavy weights and a medium to heavy resistance loop. Can be modified with no equipment.

    This workout includes grounded upper body, abs, and glute work with weights and a loop.

  • Quick Burn:18-min WTF

    CCS: Sculpting
    Equipment: A mat, medium to heavy weights + a medium resistance loop (optional)

    This workout kicks your butt (literally) in the best way possible with grounded and weighted glute work.

  • Quick Burn: 30-min Total-Body Loop

    This workout is a 30-min total body workout using light and medium resistance loops.

    Equipment: Resistance loops + a mat.