November 2018 Quick Burn Program

November 2018 Quick Burn Program

4 Seasons

The complete November 2018 Quick Burn Program. Revisit your favorite workouts or repeat the monthly program starting from week 1.

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November 2018 Quick Burn Program
  • LB TV: 11/5

    Episode 1

    Welcome to the first week of November!

  • Quick Burn: 14-min Base Cardio

    Episode 2

    CCS: Cardio + Sculpting
    Equipment: No equipment

  • Quick Burn: 26-min 7 Pack

    Episode 3

    CCS: Cardio + Sculpting
    Equipment: Light weights + a mat. Incorporate 1 heavy weight during the standing sculpting for a challenge.

  • Quick Burn: 22-min Standing Abs

    Episode 4

    CCS: Standing Core Sculpting
    Equipment: No Equipment. Can use ankle/wrist weights to challenge.

    This Full-Body workout includes one of my favorite standing sculpting abs sequences which really and targets the waist/side core and /muffin top area.

  • Quick Burn: 19-Min Booty + Inner Thighs

    Episode 5

    A 20-min booty, inner thighs and leg workout.

    Equipment: Weights (light or heavy) + a mat.