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Quick Burn:18-min WTF

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Quick Burn: 18-min Hourglass (Grounded Abs)


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  • Quick Burn:18-min WTF

    CCS: Sculpting
    Equipment: A mat, medium to heavy weights + a medium resistance loop (optional)

    This workout kicks your butt (literally) in the best way possible with grounded and weighted glute work.

  • Quick Burn: 18-min Bottom's Up (Loope...

    CCS: Sculpting
    Equipment: Medium and light resistance loops
    Bottoms Up is one of my favorite ways to really target and lift the booty along with the lateral muscles of the body while getting some cardio in! Expect low impact "loop dancing" and upper body loop work as well. This one is a creeper...

  • Quick Burn: 18-min Bubble (Grounded C...

    CCS: Sculpt
    Equipment: Heavy weights and a mat
    Bubble is an 18-min grounded weighted lower body focused QB that includes some upper body weight work.
    Featured Music By: Cza Boi, Offset, Billie Eilish, Bazzi
    Activewear By: KORAL & Reebok