Sculpting Workouts (150+ Videos)

Sculpting Workouts (150+ Videos)

9 Seasons

Full Length (50-min) Sculpting Workouts.

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Sculpting Workouts (150+ Videos)
  • 3/27/17 (Sculpting) Workout 2

    Episode 1

    CCS- Sculpting
    Equipment: 6' ft resistance band (or light weights) + mat.

    Workout Highlights:
    - Multi-directional lunge and squat series with the band
    - Banded wide second and fold-over work for the glutes, waist and back
    - Full push-up series with see-saws for upper body strength
    - Band...

  • 4/10/17 Sculpting (Workout 2)

    Episode 2

    CCS- Sculpting workout.
    Equipment: Light )+ heavy weights + a resistance band (or loop) + a mat.

    Format: Standing sculpting targeting abs and arms followed by grounded sculpting targeting lower body and core.