February 2019 Quick Burn Program

February 2019 Quick Burn Program

4 Seasons

The complete February 2019 Quick Burn Program. Revisit your favorite workouts or repeat the monthly program starting from week 1.

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February 2019 Quick Burn Program
  • Quick Burn: 20-min Cardio Abs

    Episode 1

    CCS: Cardio + Sculpting
    Equipment: No Equipment Workout

  • Quick Burn: 18-min Hourglass (Grounded Abs)

    Episode 2

    CCS: Sculpting
    Equipment: No equipment, just a mat. Challenge with ankle weights.

    Get ready to really feel your abs and lats... inspired by the hourglass, I developed this side-lying workout to target the obliques, lats, inner thighs, and deep core muscles.

    Featured Music By: The Blaze, ...

  • 2/11/19 Circles (Sculpting Workout 2)

    Episode 3

    Equipment: One medium to heavy weight and a mat.

    Arms, back, waist and booty...this creative 3x3 targets everything.

    Featured Music By: Maggie Rogers, Sean Paul, Vampire Weekend, The Knocks, Beck, Lykke Li, and Dua Lipa

  • Quick Burn: 25-Min Triple L (Sculpting)

    Episode 4

    CCS: Sculpting
    Equipment: Light-med. weights, one heavy weight, and a mat.

    This QB is an easy-to-follow, total-body weighted standing and grounded sculpt that you'll feel EVERYWHERE... It will have you moving from standing sculpting to the mat for abs and glute work.

    Featured Music By: ...