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LB Bodycamp

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LB Bodycamp
  • 5/4/20 2:15 (Cardio + Sculpt)

    CCS: Cardio + Sculpt
    Equipment: No equipment (just a mat). Sub in light weights or wrist weights for a challenge.

    2:15 has it all. It begins with a fun and sweaty elongated cardio section, then transitions to a brief standing abs, crazy arm series on the right side and a pretty girl, wide seco...

  • 4/20/20 Kairos (Sculpt)

    CCS: Sculpting
    Equipment: A variety of weights and a mat
    Kairos begins with 30 reps of classic standing abs, transitions into lower body with aeroplane, sweep squats, a 9-min. wide second series then transitions into heavy weighted deadlifts, lunges, side lunges and classic upper body and finis...

  • 6/8/20 Pursuit of Happiness (Cardio + Sculpt)

    CCS: Cardio + Sculpt
    Equipment: A set of light to medium weights and a mat
    The Pursuit of Happiness is what you need right now: a sweat in your eyes cardio + sculpt with extra reps and a deep core and booty set. *if you have back issues please be mindful during the fold-over to standing!

  • 5/25/20 Buttercup (Grounded Sculpt)

    CCS: Sculpt
    Equipment: Heavy weights, 3 or 5 lb weights, ankle weights and a mat
    Buttercup is a 47-min lower body sculpt that also does double duty on the chest and upper body. It begins with grounded and weighted glutes then transitions to work on the knees, hip, a side lying series and grounde...

  • Quick Burn: 20-min Brightside (Cardio)

    CCS: Cardio
    Equipment: Just yourself
    Brightside is a 20-min. fun and sweaty cardio workout that’ll take you to the brighter side, promise! It includes classic CCS with a full breakdown.
    Featured Music By: Kygo, Ava Max, Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa, DLMT, Major Lazer
    Activewear By: PE Nation, By LB...

  • 6/1/20 Bueno (Cardio + Sculpt)

    CCS: Cardio + Sculpt
    Equipment: Medium to heavy weights and a mat
    Bueno is a 45-min heavy weight Cardio + Sculpt with two short breakdowns, basic, heavy weight standing sculpting and side-lying grounded abs…It’s good.
    Featured Music By: Sofi Tukker, Felix Jaehn, Stormzy, Russ, G-Easy, Ava Max ...

  • Quick Burn: 21-min Smudge (Standing Core)

    CCS: Sculpt (Standing Core)
    Equipment: No equipment
    Smudge is a no equipment Standing Core workout that is a great no-impact cardio option with a great flow. Take it up a notch by adding ankle weights!
    Featured Music By: Kota the Friend, SG Lewis, Moon Boots, Surfaces
    Activewear By: Sukishufu...

  • Quick Burn: Arsenal (Cardio + Sculpt)

    CCS: Cardio + Sculpt
    Equipment: Ankle weights and a mat
    Arsenal begins with a 7-min high energy cardio series to increase the heart rate for optimal fat burn while we sculpt the booty via weight bearing work. You'll see Frogger in cardio and 30 reps of Pike Kickbacks, Rainbow Kick Backs and Don...

  • Quick Burn: 25-min Dial It In (Standing Abs/Core)

    CCS: Sculpt (Standing Abs/Core)
    Equipment: Wrist weights or light weights (3 lbs total or less)
    Dial It In is a 25-min standing abs and core QB that combines some of my favorite multi-directional (flexion, extension and rotation) ab movements which also multi-task on the glutes. Wrist weights m...

  • Quick Burn: 27-min Mom (Cardio + Sculpt)

    CCS: Cardio + Sculpt
    Equipment: one heavy weight, medium resistance loop and a mat.
    Mom tackles it all in under 30 min. She begins with looped cardio, moves into standing weighted sculpting, transitions to non-looped cardio and then grounded mat sculpting.
    Music: Taylor Swift, Doja Cat, DLMT, Li...

  • Quick Burn: 26-min Voodoo (Dowel Sculpt)

    CCS: Sculpt
    Equipment: A dowel
    Voodoo is a 26-min total-body dowel Quick Burn. The moves are basic but you’ll feel a killer burn.
    Featured Music By: ROSALIA, Bryce Vine, Starboy, KYLE, Joyner Lucas
    Activewear By: KORAL, Alo Yoga & Adidas

  • Quick Burn: 26-min Bombshell (Looped Total-Body Sculpt)

    CCS: Sculpting
    Equipment: Medium or heavy resistance loop and a mat. Weights optional for standing section.
    Bombshell is a 26-min QB that targets everything. It begins with standing sculpting section then moves to the mat for Abs, glutes, hip work, triceps and pushups. If you're looking for a t...